At a very large and respectable meeting of the people, of all political parties, on the evening of the 15th of November, 1850, at Neil's Creek, in the county of Jefferson, State of Indiana, Samuel Tibbets was called to the chair, and Lyman Hoyt appointed secretary.

After the late act of Congress, called the Fugitive Slave Law, was read and commented on, it was unanimously

RESOLVED, That we deem it not only perfectly proper, but important, that we meet together and send forth our united voices in condemnation of this flagrant outrage upon the rights of the citizens and people of these United States.

RESOVED, That we look upon this law as one of the most tyrannical and unjust enactments that ever disgraced the annals of any country, pagan or Christian; and that we look upon the men who were instrumental in foisting it upon us, as enemies of their race, and utterly unworthy of the confidence of a free people.

RESOLVED, That any law that deprives any human being of life, liberty, or property, without the right of trial by jury, and the benefit of the writ of habeas corpus, is unconstitutional, unjust, and oppressive, and as such ought to be disregarded, choosing, as Daniel, of old, said, to obey God rather than man.

RESOLVED, That we will not assist the blood-hounds of slavery to capture any of the oppressed and down-trodden sons and daughters of Africa, whom they claim as their property, and that we will "feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the stranger," as God commands, to the best of our abilities.

RESOLVED, That we look upon the men who accepts office under such a law as a monster in human shape, an unprincipled wretch, and wholly unworthy the countenance of a free people.

RESOLVED, that we recommnad to the entire people of the free States of this Union to unite as one man, and send up a petition to the next Congress, signed by all parties, demanding the unconditional repeal of this odious "fugitive slave law".

RESOLVED, that the forgoing resolutions be published in the Banner and Courier, of Madison, Indiana, and that the chairman and secretary be appointed a committee to prepare their publication.


LYMAN HOYT, Secretary.

The Madison Courier, November 27, 1850 --- Col. 3, Page 3