Summary of Letter by John Tibbets

by Phil Ford (descendent)

1831 With Thomas Coombs took a slave to Mr. Hoover, Brownstown, Ohio

1833 From request by John Butler, transported slaves to Cincinnati.

Moved to Indiana

1844 Married Sarah Ann Nelson

1845 From request by George Debaptist of Madison Indiana took 10 slaves to James Joseph Nelson and Leonidas Cushman, who took them to James Hamilton's, seven miles from Greensburgh on Sand Creek.

1846 With James Stott aided slaves to Mr Hamilton's. Got lost for awhile around Sand Creek. Reverend John Rankin was there at Mr Hamilton's.

Moved to Madison, Indiana, opened harness and collar shop

With Carter transported slaves to James Bexter's, Monroe Township.

Describes Thomas Hickland as "true friends to the poor slave".

From request by Chapman Harris transported 5 slaves to Baxter's on way to Canada.

From request by Elija Anderson transported slaves eventually to Canada.

Slave escaped from Wright Ray and made it to safety in Richmond.

With Elija Anderson and Lyman Hoyt helped slave lady escape to Greensburgh and then Andrew Cady living in Ripley County and then to Mr. Herman Craven on Sand Creek.

Aided group of slave ladies to Indianapolis

Dillingham sent to prison and died shortly after

Elija Anderson sent to prison and died shortly after

Amos Dessor, a Presbyterian preacher and abolitionist, tied to a tree and whipped and then compelled to leave the state and lose all he had.

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