Albums from the 70s

Phil Can Be Heard On These Albums
Brewer and Shipley Album "Weeds", 1972
(Phil on percussion-tabla, Mike Bloomfield on electric guitar)
Excerpt from Witchi-Tai-To
Witchi-Tai-To Full Song
Too Soon Tomorrow

Santana Album "Illuminations" (Phil on percussion-tabla)
Excerpt from "Angel of Sunlight"

Recent Band Recordings

One Night Band 2012
Phil on keys, Terry Nicoludis lead vocal, Acoustic guitar

Home Recordings

On keyboard June 2009 "Kansas City" with computer generated backup (bass, drums).

Drum Solo 2012

On acoustic guitar, two tracks, Jan 2012
"Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"

On Keyboard Dec 2 2009

"Stella By Starlight"
"Angel Eyes"
"You Don't Know What Love Is"

On Guitar, Bass, and Drums, Playing "Crossroads" by Robert Johnson. This is a home studio recording done with software called "Sonar". Phil put down the drum track first, then added bass, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar.