Phil Ford has recorded with Santana, Brewer and Shipley (famous for "One Toke Over the Line"), Mike Bloomfield, and Pharoah Sanders, playing percussion. Most of his musical career was in California, playing jazz, blues, and rock styles. He relocated to the Las Vegas area in 2014 and is currently playing keyboard and guitar in a band called the "The Wave" and keyboard in a jazz group, "Jazz Affinity".

Phil on Drums
Phil on Drums At the Savannah Jazz and Blues Club

Phil on drums with orchestra
Phil with Hilton Head Choir (2006)

Phil at daughter Heather's wedding party 2014

Phil on Keys with Don Cuomo
Phil with Don Cuomo on Drums, July 2015

On bass with "Yesterday"


Santana Album Cover Phil played on "Illuminations" with Carlos Santana and Alice Coltrane.
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Phil played on "Weeds" with singers Brewer and Shiple and blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield.
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Pharoah Sanders Album Phil played on "Journey to the One " with Pharoah Sanders and Eddie Henderson